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"A film about childhood and the moment

you have to leave behind your innocent in order to survive."

PET is an award winning, independent Greek short film by Chris Moraitis (the alias for Christos Liakouris), which made a successful International journey and is the most successful Greek independent short film of all time. PET has participated in 121 International Film Festivals (with 78 being in the USA), received 49 Nominations and won 28 Awards. It also was an Academy Award Qualifier for 2017. It has been signed with two sales agents in France and one in Great Britain and is in discussion with two more companies (US and Canada). After it's screening and distribution in Los Angeles, the film on boarded Hollywood manager and agent, Alexia Melocchi, and Executive Producer, Nektarios Kalogridis, with the aim to achieve the highest level of awareness for the film.


It is clear that the violence we suffer socially in recent years was the impetus for the creation of «Pet». Without, nevertheless, it being a film that focuses on current events. I committed to that story because it concerns me very strongly how a child can be mentally deformed due to the treatment of his parents. As I am also concerned of the consequences of materialism. That "race" of demonstrating wealth and power, for the sake of which we losing ourselves and our children. We lose the moment... and the future.

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