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Chris Moraitis -  Director I Writer I Producer

Chris Moraitis (the alias for Christos Liakouris) born in Athens, Greece. Studied Film Directing at STFA (BA) and at Lotz Film School (MA), Acting for Film and Theater at Athens Conservatory (BA) and Applied Math and Physical Sciences at NTUA (BSc). PET, his latest film, which produced and directed, was an Academy Award Qualifying Film. PET's international run includes 28 Awards, 49 Nominations and over a 121 Official Selections. Chris also attended film workshops in London and Los Angeles with Judith Weston, Robert Mkee, Syd field and Sam Mendes. Since 2008 is working in cinema, advertising, television and theater.

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Alexia Melocchi -  Consulting Producer

Alexia Melocchi   had a successful career in the international marketplace, as both a sales agent and buyer’s representative for eleven territories, giving her diverse exposure to all types of films and functions in the entertainment industry.  As consultant she works on screenplay development, packaging films, securing co- productions and arranging for US and International Distribution for her clients using her expertise in international sales, pre-sales, international acquisitions and a global film marketing approach. Born in Italy but raised in the United States, Alexia Melocchi has always had a passion for young Talent and has focused all her efforts to promote local and international writers, directors, producers as well as quality films in the world marketplace.

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Nektarios Kalogridis - Executive Producer

Nektarios Kalogridis is the founder of Nektron Productions, a film and media production company. As an Executive Producer, he aims to bring his Wall Street experience to fulfill the dreams of fellow young filmmakers who share similar artistic visions. Born in New Jersey to Greek parents, he spent half his childhood in Crete, Greece before returning to the United States to study Computer Science at Rutgers University. After graduating, he had a successful career as a Computer Consultant for Wall Street firms. At the same time, he discovered the art of film-making and has been passionate about it for the past few years. His latest film is Eastern Dream, where he directed, produced, and composed for it, and was premiered in Los Angeles. In addition, he became a self-taught composer focusing on film music and electronic dance music, where he gained an international fan base with the release of several singles.


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